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okay so I bought the android version and every time I go to download the game is simply says "there was a problem parsing the package." anyone know a work around

I just finished this game. It's was awesome quality of lewd section. But I want to know about why protagonist got involved this current situation more specifically. Kiara's tutor was seen near end of game but why she have been looking for Kiara? I have some questions about back stories. But most part of this game is awesome like I said

Thanks for playing, I'm really glad you enoyed Kiara! I cannot answer your questions right now because all of them would be part of a potential sequel if that ever happens, so I'd prefer not to spoil anything. 

We have our hands full  working in the Lewd Idol Project series at the moment, but I definitely would love to keep working on Kiara's story at least for one sequel :)

Thank you for replying. Wow I liking forward to sequel! I definitely will buy it!

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This is my first purchase on this site, I purchased the game and downloaded it on my Android, but have no clue how to start the game. My download says the file can't be accessed any suggestions on what do from here?

Hello, thanks for your purchase! It looks like you gotta enable third party apks on your android device, please try with this and let me know:


Asking this since I noticed the "Anime" tag, though perhaps that only refers to the anime style of the game, but does this have animation? Such as animated scenes or animated sprites? If this has already been asked and I simply missed it, I apologize.


No problem! It's referring to the anime style art and overall vibe of the game, it doesn't feature animation.


Ah, alright. Thanks for replying so soon

Hey just wondering when the next update on this game is coming out

Kiara's project is completed. We're currently working on LIP! Lewd Idol Project which you can download the Kickstarter demo on this website :)


A jem, there are not many games of this quality on itch. Just one question.... How to push H on android to hide text...

Figure this out yet? Got the same problem

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AwsOOOOOm!! One of the best games so far. Appriciate the quality of art, i mean it looks goood enough to be called a masterpiece. Also all hot scenes are great so im overjoyed.

Ps dont ever get bad ending. Cause a loss of happiness for the near future

Thank you so much, nya!

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Do you have a discord?  Are you working on any other games right now? Would be great if there is a discord.

Yes! We're working on Lewd Idol Project, which had a successful Kickstarter last month, you can check the Demo here:


Thanks for your awesome game! Really liked the artworks of this game! I really appreciate that Kiara's every facial expressions is included for every costume of her. It would have been better if the dialogue is also included in the CG gallery scenes.

The soundtrack of the whole game was phenomenal! It is such a blessing that the game give pleasure to not only the eyes, but to the ears too. I wonder if the soundtracks are going to be released in public!

Also, really looking forward to the next update! Or will there be a sequel?

Thank you so much! I'm super glad you enjoyed it.

There's no plans for a sequel at the moment but WHO KNOWS ๐Ÿ‘€ I'd love to keep working in our smug kitty story if she gets enough support!

I have the same issue as @PhoenixDragon, I play on Android too. Besides that the game works good.

I really like the Artworks of this game a lot, but what I don't like is that Kiara and the Player talk too formly with each other. It's kinda weird to say something like "I must admit youre doing very good" or "I have to admit...", "I gotta say..." that's not what someone should say during sex.

I also have a suggestion: I think the game would feel better with this fantasy setting and all, if Kiara would have more depth as a character than a sex slave, and if the player wouldn't only care about having sex with her or thinking about her. It's actually a little boring when the only conversations are about how deeply they love each other or how they want to have sex the next time, despite the Main Character doesn't have any Idea of what's going on except for a catgirl being his slave.

Anyways, I like the game!

Kiara is not a slave, she's a neko servant! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will work on those issues for the next update. It seems some users have them and some others not, sorry about that and thanks for playing.


So I made an account just for this, for some reason on the android version the text is cut off even in the first few scenes even put it on windowed to see if it'd fix it but it didn't. Even closed the game and opened it again. I'll get a pic if needed.


No problem, send your issue to so we can check it 


Should be sent now

For some reason the Android apk won't work for me?

Did you enable third party apps to run on your Android device? If you already did, please send a screenshot of your issue to so we can help!

Thank you for the assist! Had to allow permission from a different source for it to install which was new for me but thankfully I can now play it!

Great! Thanks for your support