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How do I start the Game on Linux (debian). The .sh said "Permission denied". It would be nice to, to pack the game for linux with tar. That is build in in Linux. With unrar-free, I couldn extract it. So I used Winrar with wine :D

Just bought it with a 15dollar tip, caus i read about the paypal s##t, also because yuri Idols :D

Thank you so much! :D


Hello i cant install the game on mac there's an error with the RAR file, could you please help or send me an uncompressed version of the game :)

Hi, so sorry for the late reply!

We're checking on this issue with our dev team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with the fixed version. Please stay tuned for an update soon. Thanks for your support!

Hi, we've just uploaded the fixed Mac build. Please try again and get back to us if you still have the issue. Thanks for your patience!


I sincerely hope you can add Chinese translation for your Yuri games. Many Yuri game lovers in China can't play your games because of language problems. You should also know that the number of Yuri games in steam is relatively small. If you can add Chinese translation for your Yuri games, even machine translation, Before, the sales volume of other Yuri games increased significantly after adding Chinese translation. I believe that your game sales will also increase significantly after adding Chinese. I look forward to more excellent Yuri games in the future. I hope you can adopt my suggestions. Thank you

Hello! Thank you for your suggestions!

Although there's no plans for the near future, we'd really love to translate the LIP series to Chinese among other languages if the games do well enough :)

Thank you and look forward to your future updates

Will have a android port this game? 

It's not possible at the moment due to the build size which is two or three times bigger than our previous releases. We'll keep you posted if we find a way around it.

when will there be an android port?

It's not possible at the moment due to the build size which is two or three times bigger than our previous releases. We'll keep you posted if we find a way around it.

Is there any news about an android port

It's not possible at the moment due to the build size which is two or three times bigger than our previous releases. We'll keep you posted if we find a way around it.


I was holding out on buying this game until the android version releases, but after looking into the whole paypal thing, I figured I'd throw 10 dollars at this.

I'll never understand what the deal is with the whole "moral crusade" nonsense that is happening with nearly every avenue of commerce these days. How dare you guys make games featuring spicy drawings that in no way exploits real people.

What a time to be alive.

Thank you so much for your support and your words, it truly helps us to keep going with the project!

I just bought your game it's really good. I'm really sorry to hear about paypal. I hope your able to get the situation resolved soon. 

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Thank you! Still got no word back from them but we'll be doing our best to keep the project going.


Threw in an extra 3 bucks. I send kind regards and well wishes to Tiddy - I mean Toffer Team.

Going to enjoy binge consuming your games, starting with LIP.

Thank you so much!

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Sorry to hear about the PayPal issue I was really looking forward to buying the Android version bit I guess I will have to move on now its not happening, Hope you get your PayPal sorted.

The Android port is still happening, we just had to delay it a bit due to the circumstances.

hi i heard you come from new about paypal. I'm sorry to hear dat this is the first you and your game i will buy your game as for support you and buy the way i hope you find new pay servies


We're doing our very best to keep going forward with the project. Thanks for the support!

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Sorry to hear about your troubles with PayPal. Allow me to buy your game with a generous tip to try to help out in some small way.

PS. Arch on YouTube sends his regards.
PPS. Do you just have the four games available here at the moment? LIP, Kiara, Love Potion and Clover Rescue?


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support.

Arch was super nice with us on twitter and his coverage on the case was really great!

Yup, those are the four titles available at the moment. We had five more LIP releases that were funded via stretch goals on Kickstater planned for 2021 and 2022 so here's hoping to have good news on that soon. 😊

could you provide a link to the arch channel? 

Would like to watch more level headed youtubers^^


Arch's video on the situation.

Thank you 

I just buy it for my android! I hope it is enough for you guys . 


Thank you so much! We've been working on an Android port since the PC version was released but now we may have to delay it a bit because of this awful issue with PayPal. I'm really really sorry! Thanks for your patience.


I only just heard about this game thanks to PayPal pulling some shady stuff on you all, I went ahead and purchased it because it looks good and, nobody should have to go through what you all are going through.  Hopefully you will get this resolved and gain access to your funds.  On another note this led me to checking out pages for your other titles and, there is another one I am interested in checking out when I have the cash for it.  I hope Toffer Team is doing alright, again you don't deserve what PayPal has done.  Nothing wrong with lewds or waifus, this is not the first time PayPal has pulled something like this though and, they seriously need to get over trying to force their puritan views on everybody else, it's the 21st century not the 19th century!

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Same here .  Suck that PayPal is doing this and so other lewd creators has been reported this same thing over and over in the past few years. 


Thank you so much! We really appreciate your help and concern. This situation is truly frustrating since we've worked so hard for this project and so many people kindly donated via KS last year in order to make it happen, and now we have to face this... I feel heartbroken. But we're trying to make the best out of this situation by raising awareness among other adult/lewd creators. We don't want this to keep happening, we'll keep fighting!

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hey! it is no problem …at least I can do for you, But..... it seem that I cant downloads it in my file for some reason.  i get it


Hey guys, are you gonna be okay? I heard about the Paypal thing.


Thanks for reaching out. We haven't had any response on their behalf but we'll keep pushing no matter what! This is our passion and we won't let this stop us. We'll get through it one way or another.

Omg I heard PayPal locked everything, are you going to be ok Toffer Team?

We're truly devastated and frustrated about this issue, and we're doing the impossible to get trough this. At the moment we haven't had any response from PayPal but we won't give up that easily, we'll keep going with this project no matter what. Thanks for reaching out I truly appreciate it.

Of course, I loved the game. PayPal is doing you dirty. I hope you beat those a holes. If you started crowd funding to pay for legal fees I'd contribute something. I wanted to back to the kickstarter but stupid issues kept me from it.


Has anyone else had issues with opening the .rar file? I'm on mac and am unable to play due to my file extractor telling me the file is corrupt or not supported?


I am having the same issues...

Same as our response above, please let us know which app are you using to open the .rar files and if you tried with multiple ones and we'll check on this asap

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I can unzip it usint 7z but when using th3 client, the client does not seem to like the rar.

That's really weird, I've been trying differnt apps to unzip it and they all worked just fine. I'm afraid it may be an issue with the client only that we aren't aware of. Did you try by contacting itchio's support? Sorry for your inconveniences.

I contacted the itch io support. Thank you for making the game and helping me!


We haven't had any other report on this issue but we'll definitely check this out. Could you tell us which app are you using to open the .rar file? Sorry for any inconveniences!

i get it by WinZip.....i wish it could be bit more easy

the game looks cool however i cant play bc i cant buy it. its it ok if u can make it so you can aso play in browser or something i would be happy if u could you dont have to i just wanted to know if u can so i will e able to play

Sorry, but that won't be possible

oh ok

i feel bad:{


Hello! I want to download this on the launcher. However, I keep on getting errors. Who should I contact regarding this error?


Hello! I highly recommend you contact itchio's support:

They usually respond quite fast and can help you with your issue :) 


Thank you so much! 

Loved the first game. Any ETA on part 2 release?


Thank you! We're working on the Hot Springs and Beach extra chapters for Vol. 1 set to release on August/September and then Vol. 2 around November/December this year if everything goes according to plan

Good news.


Any chance we see a mobile version like the previous games?


An Android port is in the works :)


Any eta on the port looking forward to buying the Android version.


We're testing it at this moment, so hopefully it'll be available around next week