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I threw some money at vol 1 a while back. Tbh I haven't played it yet.

Regardless, I ended up backing the project on indiegogo. Paypal is constantly going after other creators and I'm livid about it. It is beyond messed up that a payment processor can decide how we spend our money, as well as arbitrarily steal from creators, and by extension customers.

Thank you so much for your support both times, we really appreciate it!
We couldn't agree more with your take on PayPal, I receive messages every week from both creators and users that suffered the same fate.

I was going to contribute to the fundraiser but I lost my job. Didn't get a new one in time.

No problem, my friend. We know these are delicate times so please don't worry. Hope you can get a new job very soon!

PayPal froze our account and took away  our funds.

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It's absolutely vile that some crowdfunding companies can just steal people's project funds over some of the most trivial matters.  The West has become so crooked now, and this is coming from someone who lives in the West.

It happened to another creator. Eric July is making a superhero comic series that doesn't play into either side of politics, and paypal froze like 1.3 million dollars. Thankfully the guy used multiple processors, but paypal is going way too far.

Cool! ❤️

Thank you! :D

You're welcome! :)