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18+ Edition available HERE

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● High quality anime art
● Five different beautiful waifus to romance
● Multiple dialog and decision choices
● Partial Japanese voice acting
● Unlockable sprite and CG gallery
● No DRM
● Available on PC and Android APK


In a not-so distant future, a powerful organization known as The Corporation is planning to take over the world by using the power of some mysterious amulets shaped like a clover. 

In the last days, they’ve kidnapped three different girls, Akane, Urara and Shizuka. Which are supposed to be the owners of this powerful amulets, but still, neither of them know how to use this power properly. To do so, The Corporation is planning to experiment on the girls as much as they need. 

To prevent this catastrophe to happen, we must take the role of Keigo, a young, lazy pilot and bounty hunter, owner of the Multiple Clover, who has been “recruited” by Kasumi, our main side-kick and guide along the adventure. 

She tells us that in order to unveil this great mystery behind these amulets and use their power to save the world, we must rescue each girl before is too late and… Have sex with all of them. Are you ready?


HikariCloverRescueLite-1.0.0-pc.zip 186 MB
com.toffer.hikari.lite-1000-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 176 MB
HikariCloverRescueLite-1.0.0-mac.zip 169 MB

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is this just a V.N ?

toffer team, is the nutaku version going to appear on itch as well at some time in the future?

It is already here 😏 Plus you'll get the Android version as a bonus! Download link: https://tofferteam.itch.io/hikari-clover-rescue-18

Are their height or be effects?

is it already finished?


сразу говорить гг М  Ж

I want to contact the game developers, is it possible?

Sure, here I am

Are you planning to translate the game into Spanish? I ask it because I would like to translate it if it is possible.


Not at the moment, but thanks I really appreciate it! I'll make sure to let you know if we start translating it :)

Where can we aquire the 18+ version or patch? 

You can get it on Nutaku at the moment

This version is limmted (it's for just limited time and/or having limmited amount content than other version) or just censored?


This Lite edition is a non-adult version, it's not time limited at all but it doesn't contain any H-scenes or dialogs