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is this just a V.N ?

toffer team, is the nutaku version going to appear on itch as well at some time in the future?

It is already here 😏 Plus you'll get the Android version as a bonus! Download link:

Are their height or be effects?

is it already finished?


сразу говорить гг М  Ж

I want to contact the game developers, is it possible?

Sure, here I am

Are you planning to translate the game into Spanish? I ask it because I would like to translate it if it is possible.


Not at the moment, but thanks I really appreciate it! I'll make sure to let you know if we start translating it :)

Where can we aquire the 18+ version or patch? 

You can get it on Nutaku at the moment

This version is limmted (it's for just limited time and/or having limmited amount content than other version) or just censored?


This Lite edition is a non-adult version, it's not time limited at all but it doesn't contain any H-scenes or dialogs